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Our System

Your benefits of our parking system:


  • Very easy to use
  • Safe and monitored parking
  • Space for your luggage
  • E-bike charging stations

Are you tired of having to lock your bike to a lamp post or fence every time you're on the go? Do you want to park your bike safely and conveniently without worrying about theft or damage?

Then our bike parking system is the perfect solution for you! Our bike parking system is easy to use and provides safe and reliable protection for your bike.

Space for 18 bicycles
Space for 18 bicycles
Space for 72 bicycles
Space for 36 bicycles

Technical specifications of the system


Base area: 6x6 meters, height: 4 meters.

Important: An area (e.g. for a shop) of 36 square meters and a height of 2.60 meters is available.


Up to 18 bikes can be parked in the system simultaneously.


Up to 8 e-scooters can be parked in the system simultaneously.

According to your requirements

Our system is designed individually according to your requirements and needs. Whether you need a bike parking system for a public facility, a campus, or a private garage, we have the solution for you. We can customize the system to your environment and requirements to ensure optimal use.

This is how the parking garage works.

For consumers


How to operate the parking system?

  • 1 Safely parked

    By pressing ENTER on the control terminal, the bike is securely parked for the rented time.

  • Helmet and backpack including clothing can be stored. In the case of long-term rentals, an e-bike charger can be stored in the box as well.

  • The bike is parked in reverse.

  • The customer selects the displayed empty box at the terminal. The chosen box, for example, number 13, is available at the loading and unloading…

  • Customer identification through, for example, an EC card at the terminal.

Invest in the future potential!

For investors

Invest now in the future potential of the bike parking system! With our innovative system, we enable people all over the world to park their bikes safely, conveniently, and efficiently. Our system offers numerous benefits for users and cities by reducing traffic, protecting the environment, and providing a flexible mobility option.

Costs of the basic construction

18 boxes with automatic retrieval for each box, for example, for use in an underground garage. The floor area measures 6 x 6 x 2.5 meters.
Price ex works: € 53,800

Costs for enclosure

The costs for an enclosure are added to the costs of the basic construction. These costs for an enclosure include windows, doors, and stairs. With an enclosure, for example, an area can be rented out to a shop.
Price ex works: € 45,600

Income (Example)

  • Parking space rent (at € 20 per box): € 360
  • Rent for a shop: € 450
  • Advertising space: € 80

Are you interested in investing?

Become part of this revolutionary movement and invest in our advanced technology for the bike parking of the future!

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